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          Human resource BPO service relieves companies and organizations from multifarious affairs and helps them to concentrate on human resource strategic planning in order to enhance their core competitiveness. The modern enterprise prefer to human resource BPO. The purpose of CIIC Shenzhen is to provide professional HR service solution and support. CIIC Shenzhen takes advantages of its nationwide service network, up to 20 years experience and professional staff team ,the real human resource service expert in this field.

          The human resource BPO service items including:?
          ●?Signing the labor contracts on behalf of clients?
          ●?Transferring & keeping personal files?
          ●?Applying for temporary resident / employment certificate for non-permanent residents?
          ●?Recruiting fresh college graduates?
          ●?Declaring social insurances and housing fund?
          ●?Auditing social insurances list for clients?
          ●?Annual and/or enrollment health check?
          ●?Various types of reimbursement plans for medical expenses Effecting various kinds of commercial insurances

          We can do for you

          Cost saving
          Specialized division and service will relieve HR department ‘s workload, save the costs of the enterprise, raise the post value of HR and make the fund more concentrate on the development of your company’s own business.

          Time saving
          The one-stop service will save you lots of time to go back and forth to Labor Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Social Insurance Bureau and so on.What you need do is contacting us.

          Nationwide system net work
          There’s no need that you setting up the HR department designedly in each cities.Our local filiations will arrange the affairs accordingly as your requires so that you could easily grasp of all of the situation.

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