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          Labor Law Consulting Services HOME?>?Enterprise Serves?>?Labor Law Consulting Services

          CIIC Shenzhen’s Law Depatment concentrates on providing related labor legal consulting service for our clients. Our service team consists of professional legal consultants in aspects of human resource and labor and we also keep close contact with related government offices and legal organizations to ensure our professional service for clients in elusion of possible legal risk and resolution of related labor disputes.

          ●?Labor Law Consulting Service?
          ●?Labor dispute Consulting Service?
          ●?Deputize applying for flexible or comprehensive working-hour from the labor?bureau
          ●?Labor dispute intermediation / agency arbitration?
          ●?Drafting/Revising enterprise rules and regulations including:
          Labor Contract
          Labor Service Agreement
          Employee Handbook
          Confidentiality Agreement
          Non-competition Agreement

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