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          The management of modern enterprise has already gone beyond the traditional model with more humanity and diversification. The recreational activities in the cultural construction of enterprise exert no-ignored effects on team spirit, staff stabilization and work motivation.

          CIIC Shenzhen develop the project to give the best care of the staffs: The recreational activities are tailor-made for the enterprises through the thought of profession, standard, fashion and humanity.

          Activity Items

          health check
          Enrollment health check
          Annual health check

          Staff gift plan
          Spring festival gift
          Wowen’s day gift
          Dragon boat festival gift
          Mid-autumn day festival
          Spring outing in Guang Dong province
          Sports games
          New year sodality

          Yearly travel
          Sport items: football, basketball ,badminton
          Tree planting and picking
          Outdoor develop trainning
          Enterprise Annual meeting, evening plan

          Photo Collection

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