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          CIIC talent Recruitment Service is especially dedicated to the intermediate level talent agency and consulting, which is to provide a high-quality and efficient service of employment. So far, we have successfully helped to introduce a mass of talents to many MNCs and high-tech enterprises.

          Our Advantages
          Abundant Talent Database
          Cultured staff Team
          Normative and mature woking procedures
          Sincere, High quality , Quick, accurate and efficient service.

          Service Items
          1.Head hunting
          SZ CIIC recruiting department focus on providing middle,senior manangers for customers,recruiting some especial positions and advise consultations.

          2.Entrusting Recruitment
          This service focus on providing basal and secondary human resources and other reltive consultation.

          3.Campus Recruitment Services
          Contacting each famous universities and organizationgs to recruit part-time/full-time jobs for enterprises,in charge of contacting the students who applys and communicating for recruiting arranges.

          4.Live Recruitment
          SZ CIIC recruiting department would assist enterprises take part in all kinds of recruiting meetings .

          Assisting enterprises releasing multiform recruiting advertisements including through internet and newspaper.

          Address:31st Floor, News Building 1002 Shennan Middle Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
          Tel:0755-83323640 Fax:0755-83222952 Email:server@szciic.com
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